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  • Introduction

    What we do and Why we do it?

    Welcome to our Small Business Division Page

    Our small business division has been established to serve businesses with 1-50 employees. Thanks to cloud revolution in IT, business apps have become ubiquitous, there is no one right answer and a plethora of options. Large enterprises are not the only companies which can afford to implement the applications like email, CRM, ERP etc.

    We started this division to serve a specific need which our clients have. Our contact with clients starts mostly with a request for a website, mobile app or a store site. As we engage more and learn about our client and their process, we observed that some critical pieces are missing from their infrastructure and with a little bit of help their productivity can be boosted many folds over. Some of these include a backup strategy for their digital assets, a simple CRM to track and follow up on leads or just automating information collection from client thus avoiding many hours of back and forth email.

    As you read further you will see various business apps that can be implemented. Please keep in mind that you do not have to implement them all. We start a with a simple interview to understand your business process and your pain points and recommend a tailor-made plan that can be executed incrementally, we want to ensure that you are get value out of system which is implemented.

    We are not re-sellers for a particular company who is pushing their solutions on you. Think of us like your own person CTO or advisory board who you can help you with the best practices which were solely available to large enterprises. We leverage our experiences with large enterprises and the previous work we did with many small business to ensure that you get best value. We are vendor agnostic and will help you pick and implement best solutions that suit your business. We work all major products and cloud providers. We are not here to break your bank, we will recommend solutions only if we believe they generate value for you.

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  • Our Process

    Implementing effective business systems in an incremental process.


    Interview and Evaluate

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    We'll deliver your goods within 5 business days. Ask us any questions!


    We'll deliver your goods within 5 business days. Ask us any questions!


    We'll deliver your goods within 5 business days. Ask us any questions!


    We'll deliver your goods within 5 business days. Ask us any questions!
  • Services and Apps

    We provide multiple choices in the following areas tailored to your needs and industry

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    Website and Branding

    Modern, clean and easy to maintain website

    If you are an online business website is a first impression. Its relatively easy to create simple, clean website these days but its rather complex to keep it updated. Our tool and design choices are made in enable to easily make changes to the website and keep the information updated. During the website design customers are often required to think about the branding for the business which has impact though out the life of the business. Website is often the first request from our customers.

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    Email and Collaboration

    Cloud hosted secured Email and other Collaboration apps

    A professional email address with your company domain name yourname@companyname.co(m),io,etc.. tells a lot about the business. We work with our client to establish an easy to maintain and cloud based email service. Provider will be chosen based on the needs of the client and we do not push one provider over the other. Our top choices are Google, Microsoft 365, Zoho and Rackspace. We migrated several hosted exchanges and cryptic email providers to one of the large providers, which provide better security storage and delivery. If you are a team one great, but if you are a team of two or more then you will eventually need a collaboration platform. Our customer engagement team will help you choose and implement effective collaboration tools for your business.

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    Sales and Marketing

    Never too small for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

    CRM is important in running a successful business. Most small businesses do not start thinking about CRM until its too late. CRM enables to you to keep track of all the customers leads and ensures nothing slips through the cracks. it enables you to keep in constant touch with your customers thus fostering a long lasting relationships, enabling greater retention and repeated sales.

    Marketing software enables you to run email and social campaigns measure outcome of the campaigns and get leads for your sales team to close. This it often the most important and overlooked piece of the business apps puzzle which unfortunately overlooked by most businesses.

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    Data Backup and Recovery

    Cloud is not a final stop

    May be the tag line is a little misleading. Many business only realize the importance of backup once its too late. One of the primary aspects of backup is recovery. Its very important to understand how the data where the data assets are. How the data is stored and most important is to know how to retrieve it. Its of utmost importance to understand, document and update the document as the business process changes. You may think that since the data is in cloud its all good, its important to understand the backup and recovery of data, files or any assets stored in any cloud or local provider. We will walk you through the business process and help you identify where your critical data is stored and create a backup and recovery strategy for your digital assets. We have implemented back up onsite offsite backup solutions like Synology and qNAP for small businesses and help evaluate solutions based on the recovery and backup strategies.

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    Invoicing, Accounting and Online Payments

    As a small business you might might not be a pro at creating chart of accounts for your Quick books, or any other software. Do not worry that is our job. We will help you pick and implement right software for your keeping your books in order. Setup an invoicing system for you and enable your business to accept online payment and setup a recurring payment schedule.

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    Human Resources

    Recruit and Manage talent

    Congrats, You grew to a size where you are hiring and managing employees. We will walk you through and set up system to manage payroll. System to manage time and time-off of the employees. There are plethora of system out there we will help you pick the right one based on your needs and how it integrates into your other systems

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    Help Desk

    One stop shop for your customer service.

    Does your customer interaction start with an email? Is work slipping through cracks? Is your customer following up a task not done. Are you forwarding emails to assign a customer request to a concerned person. Missing SLAs (Don't worry if you do not know what it means). This is a classic case of not having a unified help desk. This app will give a single point of contact for all your customers, you can assign work , track progress and set up triggers if any query goes unanswered for a pre-set period of time.

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    Custom Business Apps

    Store? Mobile App? Blog? Automation ? You Got it!

    All business are not built equal. May be you want to sell content, product, subscription. You will need a store.

    Do you have a custom business process which you need to automate. We can do it for you. Imagination is a limit here. Any repeatable tasks can be automated. If you can write what do on a paper we can automate it for you. Stop doing mundane tasks and focus on growing your business.

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